How to Edit your Website (for Pioneers)

This tutorial is specially created for our Pioneer Doctors (those who signed up to myCure before Version 2.0). If you are a Pioneer, then you have your own website already! You just have to edit the contents before publishing it on the web. Click here for the tutorial on first time to login to myCure Version 2.0.

  1. Upon login, click on Profile. It’s a new tab we created for all the features related to your Profile. And yes, that includes the website.
  1. Select a username to set your website address. Note that you can only change this once.
  1. Start adding new information like the facility map. Search for your facility and drag the pin to the exact location on the map.
  1. Add your clinic services.
  1. Create your biographical summary so that people will know more about your professional experience, expertise, achievements, publications, and more.
  1. Press “Website Preview” when you’re done.

We have a more visual version of this tutorial for Mobile and Web users.

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