Viewing and Exporting your Clinic’s PME Reports

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PME > Reports > Walk-In

This is where users can view, update, and filter PME Reports for Walk-In patients. Go to Nav Bar > PME > Records> Walk-in Package.

Fig. 10.9. PME Walk-In

PME > Reports > Group

This particular feature pertains to Group PME patients from the clinic’s corporate partner. Users can CRUD a group PME list and generate an Acknowledgement Receipt for each batch. Go to Nav Bar > PME > Records > Group Package.

NOTE: In PME Groups, users can view the list of corporate partner’s group patients along with their status. Users can delete a group by clicking the delete icon found on the right side of each group.
NOTE: Once users choose a specific group, they will be redirected to the list of patients belonging in that group which will also show their PME status. 
NOTE: For the details tab, users can view the details of the Group PME that the company provided. This includes the duration or the length of time that these patients can avail the PME package. 

Steps in Generating an Acknowledgement Receipt

  1. To generate an Acknowledgement Receipt:
    • Tick the corresponding boxes of the patients who are done with the PME
    • Click the “Generate AR” button which will prompt a confirmation for the action
    • Once confirmed, users can now go to the Reports tab and view the list of AR’s produced per batch of that particular Group. 

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