Pharmacy Reports: Prescription Book, Dangerous Drug Use, and PWD & Senior Citizen Log Sheet

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Record keeping is one of the most important facet of a clinic’s pharmacy, or any pharmacy for that matter. For clinics to always keep track of their sellable medicines, MYCURE added new report features specifically for your clinic pharmacy! Here are Prescription Book, Dangerous Drug Use, and PWD & Senior Citizen Log Sheet!

Let’s first talk about the Prescription Book! This is where you can find the record of all your sold medicines in your clinic pharmacy using the POS. This can be filtered by date and is also printable!

Next up would be the Dangerous Drug Use. If your clinic has dangerous drugs that are only sellable to selected people (people with proper prescriptions), then you can generate a report using this.

At first glance, its hard to determine whether this is a report page or not but all you have to do is click the latest transaction and you’ll be redirected to this page:

This is where you can generate reports for a specific dangerous drug that has been recently sold. To create one, click the “Add” button (+).

Review the details of the report to be generated like its date, which can be customized accordingly. Once done, click “Save”. You’ll be redirected to the summary of that particular Dangerous Drug reports.

After that we now have the PWD Log Sheet and and Senior Citizen Log Sheet.

These reports will only appear if the patient who bought medicines provided an OSCA or a PWD ID number. You can print these reports depending on the date filter you set!

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