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Records Management – Developments

In the Developments tab of a patient, users can view the summary of their clinic medical records through the perspective of a Medical History, Growth Chart, Vax Chart, Development Milestones, Lab Results, and Attachments.

NOTE: The first Developments summary a user will see is the patient’s medical history containing the patient’s medical records.
NOTE: Next is the Growth Chart wherein users can track the patient’s growth in height, weight, head size, and BMI. This is mainly used for infant patients up until 5 years old. 
NOTE: The Vaccination Chart displays the vaccination history of the patient along with the vaccines and the dates when it was administered.
  1. To update the Vax Chart history:
    • Identify the vaccine and the date when it was administered.
    • Click the “+” button. 
    • Enter vaccination details.
    • Click submit to save the record.
NOTE: In the Development Milestones summary, users can track the Gross Motor, Adaptive Fine Motor, Language, and Personal/Social growth of a patient. This is also divided pero age of the patient which makes monitoring easy. The system also provides milestones per month of development. 
NOTE: Next is the laboratory results in which a summary of all the accomplished laboratory orders and results will appear. 
NOTE: Lastly, the Attachments is where users can upload photos necessary to the patient’s development monitoring and tracking.
  1. To add a new entry:
    • To upload photo:
      1. Click “upload”
      2. Choose photo.
      3. Crop or rotate if necessary.
    • To draw on an attachment:
      1. Click the “Draw” button.
      2. Upload photo to draw on or choose a default template from the system. 
      3. Adjust pencil color and pencil size. 
      4. Click the “Clear Drawing” button to clear template. 
      5. Click “Save Drawing” to save.
    • Add attachment title.
    • Add description.
    • Click save to finalize.

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