Managing your Patient’s Medical Record Attachments

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Records Management – Current Encounter – Attachments

NOTE: Next on the Current Encounters is the Attachments tab. This is where necessary attachments can be uploaded into the patient’s medical records. 

Steps to Add Attachments

  1. To add a new entry. 
    • Click “Add New”
      1. To upload photo:
        • Click “upload”.
        • Choose photo.
        • Crop or rotate if necessary.
      2. To draw on an attachment:
        • Click the “Draw” button.
        • Upload photo to draw on or choose a default template from the system. 
        • Adjust pencil color and pencil size. 
        • Click the “Clear Drawing” button to clear template. 
        • Click “Save Drawing” to save.
NOTE: The Medical Forms section houses four types of forms to be filled out by the users namely the Medical Certificate, Fitness Certificates, Questionnaire, and Waiver. 
  1. To Add a new form:
    • Click “Add New”.
    • Choose a template.
    • Input the necessary and required details.
    • Click “Save Records” to finalize.

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