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In this setting, users can edit all settings pertaining to medical records such as enabling or disabling medical record fields, Create, Update, and Delete of custom prescription header, Create and Delete of custom medicines, Create, Read, Update, and Delete of favorite prescriptions, custom diagnostic test packages, Create, Read, Update and Delete custom medical forms, Create and Delete custom diagnostic tests, and Read archived patients.

Medical Records > Record Fields

Steps in Managing Record Fields

From the main clinic dashboard, click your profile picture on the upper right corner and open Clinic Settings. From there, find the Medical Records settings on the left sidebar and click Record Fields.

  1. To enable or disable record fields, simply toggle which information is needed in the record fields
  2. Click save to finalize. 

Medical Records > Prescription Headers

Steps to Manage Prescription Headers

  1. Click “create template”
  2. Users will automatically be redirected to a page where they can input their clinic details.
  3. Users have the option to add up to 6 clinic information by simply checking the box that pertains to the display of the clinic detail column.
  4. Input clinic details.
  5. Click the “preview” button to view custom header preview. 
  6. To revert back to the clinic’s default header, click the “revert back to default header”.

Medical Records > Medicines Directory

Steps in Adding Custom Medicines

  1. Click the “+” button.
  2. Input the generic name of the medicine, the brand name, and the formulation. Click “save” to add the medicine to the list

Steps in Adding Custom Medicines

  1. To import a list of custom medicines, click the import icon.
  2. Download the Excel template and fill out the necessary information.
  3. Upload the Excel file template back into the system. 
  4. After uploading, the list of medicines will now automatically appear in the system. 
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Medical Records > Favorite Prescriptions

Steps in Adding a Favorite Prescription

  1. Click the “+” button.
  2. Input the generic name of the medicine
  3. Input its brand name.
  4. Input formulation.
  5. Input the medicine’s dispense number.
  6. Input the medicine’s dosage
  7. Input the prescription frequency
  8. Add notes.
  9. Click save to finalize. 
  10. To edit, click the edit icon. 
  11. To delete, click the delete icon.
  12. Confirm the action by clicking “Yes”.

Medical Records > Custom Diagnostic Test

Steps in Managing a Custom Diagnostic Test

  1. To add a new custom diagnostic test, click the “+” button.
  2. Select the test type.
  3. Input the test name and test section. 
  4. Click save to add custom diagnostic test to the list. 
  5. To delete a diagnostic test, simply click the delete icon. 
  6. Click “yes” to proceed with the deletion.

Medical Records > Custom Diagnostic Packages

Steps in Managing a Diagnostic Test Package

  1. Click the “+” button. 
  2. Select diagnostic test type.
  3. Select the tests to be included in the package
  4. Select the diagnostic test package name
  5. Add description. 
  6. Click “save” to officially add the package to the list.
  7. To edit and delete the diagnostic package, click the edit icon and delete icon respectively. 

Medical Records > Manage Form Templates

Steps to Manage Form Templates

  1. Click the “+” button.
  2. Fill out the title and the description. 
  3. In selecting the type, users have four options:
    • If user selects the medical certificate, fitness certificate, or the waiver type, an option to create these templates respectively will appear. 
      • Input their template with the corresponding values (e.g. doctor name, patient name, patient sex, patient age, etc.). 
      • These corresponding values will be pre-filled uniquely for each encounter.  
  1. For the questionnaire type:
    •  Click the “add section button” as many as needed.
    • Input a section name.
    • Click the “add question” button.
    • Select the question type such as identification, multiple-choice, true or false, or a checklist. 
    • Require the question to be answered if needed.
  1. To edit or delete these forms simply click the edit or delete icon respectively and then a prompt will appear for the editing or the confirmation of the deletion.

For the multiple choice and checklist question type, users can add as many choices and items as needed.

Medical Records > Manage Custom Dental Statuses

Steps in Managing Custom Dental Statuses

  1. To add a custom dental status, click the “+” button.
  2. Enter the type
  3. Input category
  4. Input abbreviation
  5. Select color coding.
  6. Add a description of the custom dental status. 
  7. Click save to add the dental status to the system. 
  8. To edit the dental status, click the edit icon. 
  9. To delete a dental status, click the delete icon.
  10. Click “Yes” to confirm the action.

Medical Records > Archived Patients

Steps to Manage Archived Patients

  1. To restore archived patients, click the restore icon.
  2. Click “Yes” to confirm the restoration of the patient. 

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