Managing your Clinic’s Medical Records

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Steps in Managing Patients’ Records

  1. To view a patient’s Medical Record Summary:
    • Click the Patient Record’s button.
    • This will open a draw tab on right side displaying the medical record summary of the selected patient.
    • View per visit or per record.
Fig. 3.33. Medical Records Summary
  1. To print the medical records of the selected patient:
    • Click the record.
    • Select more options.
    • Click print.
    • A printing prompt will appear.
  2. To update the record:
    • Click the record.
    • Select more options.
    • Click edit.
    • Edit details.
    • Click save to finalize.
Fig. 3.34. Medical Records Summary – Printing
IMPORTANT NOTE: This updating is tracked in the Administrative Module’s Clinic History. The Info option provides the user the information on when the record was created and by whom. 

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