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PME Module

The Physical Medical Examination module was designed to ease the hassleness of completing a physical examination from various departments of the clinic. It is a collaboration of different features of different modules brought together to give both the clinic and the patients a more smooth and trouble-free PE journey.

This module has four primary users namely Head – PME, PME Physician, PME Evaluator, and PME Records Staff. Each of these users have their own role and privileges to ensure the patient’s utmost health and the security of their medical records. In this tutorial, we’ll discuss the users whose task is to oversee the PME processes as well as their corresponding records: Head – PME.

Head – PME

The PME Head is in charge of the overall PME process which includes monitoring of patients, their medical records and appointments, and their billing information. Below are their privileges:

The PME Head is in charge of the overall PME process which includes monitoring of patients, their medical records and appointments, and their billing information.

CRUD = Create, Read, Update, Delete.
Medical Records
Materials Management
Physical Medical Exam
PME ResultsManages PME result creation, updating, deletion, and printing CRUD
PME Form Templates
Manages PME result templates
PME Result Evaluation Manages PME result evaluationCRUD
PME Result Finalization Manages PME result finalizationCRUD
PME Group Registration Manages PME group registration CRUD

PME Form Templates

This refers to the PME report templates that users can CRUD. This will reflect the templates to be used whenever the clinic conducts PME services.

To add PME report templates, similar to adding an imaging test report template, click the ”+” button on the upper right side, and then a prompt will appear asking the user to input the name, description, and the PME report template. In the field for the template, users can copy+paste their existing templates from a word file or create a new one.

PME Results, PME Evaluation and Finalization

In this feature, patients’ records can be viewed and classified  by the users according to their status. In the PME Worklist users can filter the view per date range and status, as well as use the Search Bar to search for the name of a specific patient.

To classify a PME report, simply click on the name of the patient’s name and then the user will automatically be redirected to the patient’s PME worklist. There, users can fulfill the report by choosing a template, filling out the necessary details, selecting the examining physician, and selecting the name of the clinic staff who fulfilled the report. Users now can either classify the report

Once clicked, a prompt will appear to authenticate the action asking for the user’s password. This is to ensure that the patient’s records are not updated by anyone who does not have the privilege to do so.

PME Group Registration

In PME Groups, users can view the list of corporate partner’s group patients along with their status. Users can delete a group by clicking the delete icon found on the right side of each group.

For the details tab, users can view the details of the Group PME that the company provided. This includes the duration or the length of time that these patients can avail the PME package.

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