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Registration > Queues

Users can CRUD queue labels, CRD each of the queue access per user, enable or disable multiple counters for receptionist queues, reasons for visit, postponing, and canceling of queues.

Steps in Creating a New Queue

From the main clinic dashboard, click your profile picture on the upper right corner and open Clinic Settings. From there, find the Registration settings on the left sidebar and click Queues.

  1. Click the “+” button.
  2. Select queue type (e.g. doctor, nurse, therapist, etc.)
  3. Set the name for the queue
  4. Select who can access this queue 
  5. Add descriptions for each queue. 
  6. Click save to finalize the queue label. 

Steps in Importing Queues

  1. To import queues, click the import queues button
  2. Download the Excel file template and fill out the necessary details
  3. Upload the template file back into the system. 
  4. All queues will now be recognizable in queues settings.
  5. To update any queue label, click the edit icon
  6. Edit the queue details.
  7. Click “Save” to finalize.
  8. To delete a queue, just select the delete icon.
  9. Click “Yes” to finalize the removal of the selected queue label. 
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Steps in Adding Multiple Counters

  1. To enable or disable the multiple counters option for receptionist queue, go to a receptionist queue label (or upon creation of a new receptionist queue label). 
  2. Click on the checkbox. 
  3. More options for multiple counters will appear.
  4. Add multiple counters as needed by entering a name for one counter 
  5. Click add to save.

Steps in Adding Queue Tags

  1. To add a queue tag, enter the name of the tag.
  2. Click the “Add Tag” button.
  3. Queue Tag is now added.

Enable/Disable Requirement of Reason for Postponing and Cancelling

  1. Tick the corresponding box to enable
  2. Untick the corresponding box to disable. 

Registration > Patient Tags

Patient tags function as the grouping of patients according to the clinic’s discretion (e.g. senior citizen, VIP).

Steps in Adding a Patient Tag

  1. Click the “+” button.
  2. Page will be scrolled to the bottom 
  3. Input the Tag Label.
  4. Click the “Add” button to finalize.
  5. To delete a certain tag, click the “delete”.
  6. Confirm action by selecting “Yes”.

Registration > Analytics

Here, users can enable and disable the analytics or reports that can be viewed in the clinic dashboard.

Steps to Enable/Disable Analytics

  1. In order to enable or disable, simply click the toggle button which corresponds to the analytics
  2. Click “Save” to finalize.

Registration > Patient Info Fields

Patient Fields refer to the patient information that the clinic records to properly assess and tend to their patients’ medical needs. Users can enable or disable specific fields for their utmost convenience.

Steps to Enable/Disable Patient Fields

  1. To enable or disable certain fields, click on the toggle button for each of the desired fields. 
  2. To finalize, click save.

Registration > Patient Kiosk

The Patient Kiosk setting is where users can customize the fields that their new and follow-up patients are required to complete before proceeding to the frontdesk. This settings also include the enabling or disabling of kiosk banner, kiosk number printing, and CRUD of privacy notice for patients.

Steps in Managing Patient Kiosk

  1. To enable or disable certain kiosk field, click the toggle button corresponding to the information.

Steps in Adding a Marquee Banner

  1. Toggle the enable or disable button
  2. Enter desired message or announcements. 
  3. Click save to finalize the message.

Steps in Enabling/Disabling Kiosk Printing Settings

  1. To enable printing, check the box with the label “print registration kiosk number”. 
  2. System will automatically print the queue number of the patient.

Steps in Adding a privacy notice

  1. To add a privacy notice for patients to read upon interacting with the kiosk, click the “+” button 
  2. Input the language of the privacy notice
  3. Input the desired title
  4. Input message of the privacy notice
  5. Click the accept button.
  1. Users will see a live preview of their privacy notice. 
  2. Click save to finalize.

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