Billing and Ending Encounters (Web)

Now you’re done creating your consultation notes and care plan, it’s time to end your encounter with your patient and lead her back to your secretary.

    1. You have 2 options: Pressing END ENCOUNTER directs you to the billing page while pressing HOLD ENCOUNTER postpones your current encounter with your patient and then directs you back to the patients list, in case you need to see another patient’s records for emergency. Let’s proceed to END ENCOUNTER.


    1. In patient billing, you can change the date of record, add patient’s HMO if any and add the services performed and their corresponding amount.


  1. Tap on BILL ENCOUNTERS when you’re done.

    To check if it’s recorded in your clinic’s billing reports, tap on the selected clinic name to show the details. Go to MY BILLING REPORTS to confirm the payment.

How to Print Records (Web)

Before anything else, we have FAQs about printing. Click here to view. Now let’s get ready to print your digital records!

Step 1: Choosing your printer

If you are using MYCURE through Google Chrome (via tablet, laptop or desktop computer), this is the easiest way to set up since any type of printer will do. Directly connect and install the printer through a USB port, make sure to follow the installation instructions that the printer has provided you, and you should be fine.

Here are some useful links to popular providers in case you need help with the printer setup:

EPSON Support Page
HP Support Page
Brother Support Page
CANON Support Page

Step 2: Select the record you want to print

Now that your printer is ready, select the record that you want to print. Select the patient and then select Charting, Prescription, Laboratory, or Forms. You can also print Vaccination Records. For this tutorial, let’s go to Prescription.

Create a Prescription record first or select among the previously created prescription. Click on PRINT on the upper right corner of the page to open the print preview.

If you want to customize your header, you can change it by clicking on going to the Menu > Settings > Prescription > Customize header.

When you’re done, click PRINT on the upper right to open the Google Chrome printer settings.


Step 3: Setting up printing preferences

Let’s go over everything in here to make sure that you know what to adjust accordingly:

Destination This is where you will select your printer
Pages Select the pages that you’d like to print. Choose ALL to print everything.
Copies The number of copies that you want to print.
Layout Select if Portrait or Landscape orientation
Paper size Choose your preferred paper size. Note: A5 paper size is almost the same size as a typical prescription pad or a half-cut short bond paper
Margins Adjusts the width of the margins.
Scale You can adjust this from 80-100 depending on how large you want the font to be.This is useful whenever you prescribe plenty of medicines, but want to minimize the number of pages you want to use.

Step 4: Know the ideal prescription print settings

This step is ideal if you’re going to pre-cut your short bond papers in half (8.5” x 5.5”), or if you want to use the back part of your existing prescription pads. Let’s go over the process again to make sure we get them all correct.

1. Select the patient, then select the prescription record.

2. Click on PRINT to open the Print Preview.

3. Select PORTRAIT as its orientation, then click PRINT.

4. Adjust the printer preferences:

Layout Portrait
Paper size A5
Margins None
Scale 90

5. Once done, fill your printer with pre-cut sheets of short bond paper then click on PRINT.

Guide to the Secretary account

Hello there! Glad to see you here. This is a quick guide on how to perform the different functions of the secretary account in MYCURE.


PART I: Let’s create your secretary account

Before anything else, add your secretary into your EMR system by simply sending us an email with the details shown below.

Sample email:

from: (Note: The one you use in MYCURE)
Subject: Request to add secretary accounts
Body: Hello MYCURE Team! Kindly add my 2 (Note: No. of secretaries) secretary/ies to my EMR account:

Clinic name:        MYCURE Clinic
Secretary name:   Georgina Cruz
Secretary email:

Clinic name:        Dr. Jean Rivera Medical Center
Secretary name:   Juan Miguel
Secretary email:

Thank you!

Jean Rivera, MD (Note: Your full name)

Then, MYCURE Team will reply to you shortly saying that we have already sent an invitation to your secretaries via email. Instruct your secretaries to check their email inbox and then follow the instructions on the email received to create their own accounts.


PART II: Learn how the secretary account works!

  1. Logging in
    Go to and then enter secretary’s email and password. In case you have forgotten your password, you can reset it by clicking FORGOT PASSWORD.
  2. Adding a new patient record
    Inside EMR, select "+ New Patient" to open the new patient form. Enter patient profile details such as name, address, contact info, and even a profile photo so you can remember their faces when they return. When you are satisfied with the information entered, click CREATE on the upper right side of the form.
  3. Editing a new patient record
    Search for the patient record you wish to edit, and then click on the name to open its profile. Select PROFILE to open the patient’s complete profile. Here you can edit all the information related to the patient such as name, address, contact info, allergies, and profile picture. Click UPDATE once done.
  4. Creating a queue for doctor
    Find the patient that you will add to the queue using the search bar. Click on    then select the doctor who will handle the patient. You can also provide additional details such as the patient’s Chief Complaint and Vitals if necessary. When done, click SAVE on the upper right corner of the page. You can view the list of patients currently in queue by going to the PENDING tab.
  5. Patient billing
    Select BILLING tab to view the list of all transactions made inside the clinic.
  6.  Placing a Schedule
    Select the Hamburger Menu ( Hamburger Menu ) on the upper left and then click on Scheduler. You can select among different views ( Scheduler views). In the monthly view, click on the specific date you wish to add an appointment for. Select the time slot to open the appointment form. Complete the details and then click Save when you’re done.
  7. Reporting a problem
    In case you are experiencing any problems with the app and you need immediate assistance, simply click on the chat support icon on the bottom right (  chat or chat 2 ) to talk to our friendly Support Team. They’re always ready to help!

Subscribing via Stripe (Web)

MYCURE has 3 subscription plans: ARABICA, ROBUSTA and LIBERICA. There is also a separate subscription plan for group clinics. You can learn more about MYCURE’s Pricing hereNow let’s setup your subscription plan using your laptop of desktop computers.


  1. From the EMR, click on your profile image on the top right corner of the screen, then select MY ACCOUNT. You can also directly go to
  2. Open the sidebar menu and then choose SUBSCRIPTION.
  3. Your current subscription details are displayed on the page. Click on ADD CARD to register your credit card details.

  4. Select your preferred subscription and then enter your credit card details to continue. Once validated, you will receive a confirmation email from Stripe.


Click here to start your subscription now!







How to Create Medical Forms (Web)

This tutorial will teach you how to use medical forms using MYCURE Doctor in Google Chrome. This is the first thing you should know in order to create medical certificates, fitness certificates, health history and waivers. Let’s begin!

In the Patients (EMR), select a patient, then select “Forms” just below the patient’s name.
It will show four tabs namely: Medical Certificate, Fitness Certificate, Waiver, and Health History.

We’ll start by making a Medical Certificate!

Tap “+New Form” to begin, then pick a template of your choice. For Premium users, you can also make your own template by going to the “Custom” tab.

The template has variables for you to fill in! Simply tap on the fields on the left to edit. You can automatically see a preview on the right. Once you’re done, click “SAVE” on the top right corner to save and finalize the record.

The steps are the same as when creating Fitness Certificates, Waivers, and Health Histories.

How to Upload Lab Test Results (Web)

Hello there!  This is a tutorial on how to upload lab test results using MYCURE Doctor in Google Chrome.

Once you’re done creating a lab test order, it’s now ready for the results.

Click on the laboratory test item in which you want to add the results. For each of the lab test, you can either enter the value of the result or upload an image of it. Since you are uploading image files, we recommend that you exclude the patient details from the image especially for confidential cases to prevent legal issues.

Add your overall impression of the lab test and then tap “UPDATE” when you’re done.

How to Create a Lab Test Order (Web)

This is a tutorial on how to create a laboratory test order for your patients using MYCURE Doctor in Google Chrome.

Select a patient, then select the “Lab Test” tab just below the patient’s name.
Click “+New Lab Test” to begin. You can change the date of record by tapping on it.

Write the reason for the laboratory test on the space provided.

You can select the lab tests to be ordered on the drop down list or go to the search bar and begin searching on the laboratory test that you wish to order for the patient

If the lab test is not on the list, you can add your own by clicking “Add Custom Test” above.

Click on the “SAVE” button on the upper right corner to finish and save your lab test order.

How to Create a Prescription (Web)

Let’s create your first digital prescription using MYCURE Doctor in Google Chrome.

Select a patient form your list, then select “Prescription” tab just below your patient’s name
Select “+New Prescription” to begin. You can change the date by tapping on it.

There are three tabs inside the medicine catalog: Catalog, (where you can search the generic medicines available in the PH market), Favorites (where all your frequently used medicines go),  and Custom (where you can add a custom medicine that’s not included in the current catalog).

Go to the “Catalog” tab to search the meds, select the meds and complete the prescription details. Select the “star” button to save it as a favorite. Tap “prescribe” when you are done. You can add more if necessary.

When your prescription is complete, click “SAVE” on the upper right corner to finish and save.

How to Create a Charting Record (Web)

Hello there! This tutorial will teach you how to create your patients’ charting using MYCURE. Let’s start by choosing a patient.

Patients (EMR) > Medical Records > Select patient
Select Charting form the tabs just below your patient’s name. This is where you will view the list of charting records you have previously created. To add a new entry, click ”+ New Charting”.

Create New Record
MYCURE follows SOAP methodology for ease of flow.
For Subjective, there are 3 main contents: Date of record, chief complaint, and History of Present Illness (HPI).

The date of record can be altered based on when the original record was created. This is useful especially when you are transferring paper records into electronic records through MYCURE. It’s also useful if you are still adjusting to the technology and cannot use it in real time yet. Some of our users prefer uploading the records in the evening or a few days after. It’s completely fine, so long as you get the details right.

For the chief complaint, you can type or select from our list of symptoms, or simply tap on the text field to type your chief complaint and HPI.


For Objective, we have 3 categories: Vitals, Exams, and Attachments.
Vitals record the patient’s general to specific vital signs
In Exams, you can make physical assessments such as level of consciousness, pain assessment and physical exam.
In Attachments, you can draw over medical illustration templates to take graphic notes. You can also take pictures or attach images related to the encounter.


For Assessment, you indicate your diagnosis here. You can type or select from the ICD-10 database provided. A summary of the subjective and objective information are also placed here for reference.


Lastly for Care Plan, this is where you indicate the care plan notes and link other documents such as prescriptions, lab test orders, and other medical forms.

To save and finalize the complete chart, simply click “SAVE” in the upper right corner of the page.

Managing your Clinics (Web)

A new EMR might be a little bit daunting…
But don’t you worry! We are here to help this transition speedier with a series of tutorials. Let’s begin with setting up your clinics.

This is a quick tutorial on how to add or edit your facility using MYCURE Doctor web app. A facility is a clinic, hospital, center, your home, or any space you use for your profession. Let’s start!

  1. Go to EMR. You’ll see above the name of the primary clinic you have created upon signing up. Click on CHANGE CLINIC below to open the list of facilities..


  1. Click on the + button to add. Complete the details starting with the facility name, facility contact info, address, and schedule. You may also upload a photo of your facility. These details will be visible on your website once activated.


  1. Click on SAVE once completed.


  1. To choose which clinic records you want to view, simply click on SET AS ACTIVE beside the clinic name.