How to Create Medical Forms (Android)

This tutorial will teach you how to create medical forms like medical certificates, fitness certificates, health history and waivers using MYCURE Doctor. Let’s begin!

In the Patients (EMR), select a patient, then tap “Forms” (the orange button, on the lower-right)
It will show four tabs namely: Medical Certificate, Fitness Certificate, Health History and Waivers.

We’ll start by making a Medical Certificate!

Tap “+” orange button on the lower-right corner to begin, then pick a template of your choice. In this sample we’ll use Template 1. For general purposes. You can create your own templates when you subscribe to our Premium Accounts.

The template has orange highlights for you to fill in! Simply scroll down to “Pre-fill” and tap to edit. Once you’re done, scroll up to double check by tapping the “eye” button.

To save, tap “check” button.
To Finalize the Record, tap save.

For Premium users, you can also make your own template by tapping the “orange, circle button with a paper icon” and start customizing!

The steps are the same as when creating Fitness Certificates, Waivers, and Health Histories.

How to Upload Lab Test Results (Android)

Hello there! This is a tutorial on how to upload lab test results using MYCURE Doctor for Android. Once you’re done creating a lab test order, it’s now ready for the results.

Tap on the laboratory test item in which you want to add the results.

For each of the lab test, you can either enter the value of the result or upload an image of it. Since you are uploading image files, we recommend that you exclude the patient details from the image especially for confidential cases to prevent legal issues.

Add your overall impression of the lab test and then tap “UPDATE” when you’re done.

How to Create a Lab Test Order (Android)

This is a tutorial on how to create a laboratory test order for your patients using MYCURE Doctor in Android.

    Select a patient, then tap “Laboratory” (the green button, on the lower-left)

Tap “New” on the upper-right corner to begin. You can change the date of record by tapping on it.

Write the reason for the laboratory test on the space provided. Then, tap the “green, circle” button on the lower-right corner to select a type of lab test. 

Select the lab tests that you want to include in your request. If the lab test is not on the list, you can tap the “pencil” icon to make one.

You can select the lab tests to be ordered on the drop down list. Now tap the “check” button to go back to preview.

Tap the “CREATE” button on the upper left to finish and save your lab test order.

How to Create a Prescription (Android)

Let’s create your first digital prescription using MYCURE Doctor in Android.

Select a patient form your list, then tap “Prescription” (the blue button, on the upper-right)
Tap “New” on the upper-right corner to begin. Can change the date by tapping on it.
Tap the “medicine” button (blue, circle on the lower-right corner) to open the medicine catalog.

There are three tabs inside the medicine catalog: Favorites, (where all your frequently used medicines go) Catalog, (where you can search the generic medicines available in the PH market) and Custom (where you can add a custom medicine that’s not included in the current catalog).

Tap the “Catalog” tab to search the meds, select the meds and complete the prescription details.
Tap on the “star” button to save it as a favorite. Tap “prescribe” when you are done. You can add more if necessary.

When your prescription is complete, tap “CREATE” to finish and save.

How to Create a Charting Record (Android)

Hello there! This tutorial will teach you how to create your patients’ charting using MYCURE. Let’s start by choosing a patient.

Patients (EMR) > Medical Records > Select patient
Tap on Charting (yellow button). This is where you will view the list of charting records you have previously created. To add a new entry, tap NEW.

MYCURE follows SOAP methodology for ease of flow.
For Subjective, there are 3 main contents: Date of record, chief complaint, and History of Present Illness (HPI).

The date of record can be altered based on when the original record was created. This is useful especially when you are transferring paper records into electronic records through MYCURE. It’s also useful if you are still adjusting to the technology and cannot use it in real time yet. Some of our users prefer uploading the records in the evening or a few days after. It’s completely fine, so long as you get the details right.

For the chief complaint, you can type or select from our list of symptoms, or simply tap on the text field to type your chief complaint and HPI.


For Objective, we have 3 categories: Vitals, Exams, and Attachments.
Vitals – record the patient’s general to specific vital signs
In Exams, you can make physical assessments such as level of consciousness, pain assessment and physical exam.
In Attachments, draw over medical illustration templates to take graphic notes. You can also take pictures or attach images related to the encounter.


For Assessment, you indicate your diagnosis here. You can type or select from the ICD-10 database provided. A summary of the subjective and objective information are also placed here for reference.


Lastly for Plan, this is where you indicate the care plan notes and link other documents such as prescriptions, lab test orders, and other medical medical forms.
To preview the complete chart, simply tap “PREVIEW” on the upper-right corner.

If you wish to edit, tap “X” to go back. And if you are done, tap “CREATE” to finalize the record.

Managing your Clinics (Android)

Hello there! In this tutorial, you will learn how to add and edit your facilities in MYCURE Doctor using your Android device. A facility is a clinic, hospital, center, your home, or any space you use for your profession. In the Patients (EMR),

Patients (EMR), Medical Records
Tap “Medical Records” (the big red, circle button on the center)
In the header, tap the “CHANGE FACILITY” to change, or create a new facility.

Change facility
Tap the toggle button beside your preferred facility to activate the virtual facility records that you want to see. To add a new facility,  tap the “+” button on the top right.

Add Facility
You can add your clinic’s logo, name, contact information, location on the map, and clinic schedules. When you’re done, press the check button on the top right.

Edit Facility
To edit an existing facility, tap on the facility to reveal other information. Tap the “options” button on the upper-right hand corner to edit info.

How to Update Your Profile (Android)

Your MYCURE profile represents your identity on the web. It will be visible to both MYCURE Doctors and Patients, so make sure it gets updated every now and then. Updating your profile also updates the contents of your website. Let’s start!

From the “Menu” on the upper-left hand corner, or simply swipe left to right. Go to the “Profile (website)” page
Your profile is divided into sections. You may edit the details under each of them:

Profile photo — Uploading your photo automatically activates your website so be sure to upload one. Tap on the circle with your initials to take a photo of you, upload a photo from your gallery, or import from your Facebook account.

Profile name — Edit your full name, profession, and specialty/ies below your profile photo.

Account Info — Manage your account subscription for Arabica, Robusta or Liberica accounts under account info

Website info — Edit your website URL and short description under website info. Your website URL is unique and can only be changed once. Your short description should tell a lot about you in no more than 168 characters. It’ll be one of the first things we’ll see when we open your website, so be creative!

Groups — Where you can join and socialize with other doctors under those groups you belong to.

Profile Summary — This includes your years of experience, license numbers & date of birth (the latter 2 will not be shown on your website). You can also add your educational background here.

Doctor Services — You may place the services you perform here. This will be visible on your website.

Facility — Your facility details such as clinic schedules, contact information, and clinic location will be visible on your website, i.e. anyone who plans to book an appointment with you. The more detailed this is, the more reliable your website becomes!
Biographical Summary — You can place your biography, publications, achievements, and more about your professional experience here.
For each of the sections, tap “check” button when you are already satisfied with the contents.
If you want to preview your website, go to the “Dashboard” page under the websitepanel.

Creating your Patient Records (Android)

Hello there! In this tutorial, you will learn how to add, edit, and delete patient records. This is the first thing you should know to get started with your clinic management app. Inside Patients (EMR) tab,

Tap “Medical Records” (the big red circle at the center)

You can see the list of patients of the current facility that you are in, you can change it if necessary.

Then, tap the blue circle (at the lower-right corner) to add a new patient record.

Input your patient’s name and other details, you can even upload a photo of your patient so you can recall her face when she returns. When you are satisfied with the information entered, tap the check button at the upper-right corner of the screen.

To edit, go to Medical records, and then tap on the Patient record you wish to edit.

Tap on the patient’s photo (center button) to display the patient’s profile summary. Here you can edit all the information related to the patient (e.g. name, address, contact info, allergies, picture, PMHx, FMx, Social History, Review of Systems, Vaccines & Growth Chart.

You can also delete patient record by clicking on the menu on the top left.

Walkthrough: Finding the things you need (Android)

Hello there! This is a walkthrough of MYCURE Doctor clinic management app on your Android devices.

Open app
First thing we have to do is to open the app and then enter your email address and password.

In case you have forgotten your password, you can always reset here by clicking on Forgot your password, below the login button

Forgot your password
Enter your email address so you’ll receive an email about how to reset your password

Enter email add and password
Going back, tap login, and the first thing to do is to select the current facility that you want to visit.

Select MYCURE Medical Clinic
Afterwards you’ll see your Dashboard. It’s an overview of the information you need to know like your clinic’s weekly number of patients, charts, and so on.

Hamburger Menu
The hamburger Menu on the left contains the other major features of the app.

Patients (EMR) opens the heart of the app, which is the electronic medical records system, where you can add patient records, create charts, prescriptions, lab test orders and other medical forms.

Profile lets you edit all about your professional info that will be displayed on your website.

Doctors Directory is a collection of all the existing MYCURE Doctor users where you can communicate with them through chat in our next upgrade.

Groups is a directory of all the medical societies in the country. You and your peers can join and open discussions within your group.


That ends our walkthrough. Watch other tutorials to learn about MYCURE Doctor’s major features.


Subscribing via Stripe (Mobile)

MYCURE has 2 premium subscription editions: ROBUSTA and LIBERICA. You can learn more about MYCURE’s Pricing here.

Meanwhile, here’s a quick guide on how you can subscribe via mobile:

  1. Login to MYCURE.
  2. In your dashboard, tap on the tile that says “You are now using MYCURE Arabica” to reveal the subscription options.
  3. Tap on your preferred subscription edition type, then complete the details.
  4. Your subscription is successful once your account edition logo has changed.

Got questions? We’re always here to help. Reach us via email, call or text and we’ll get to you shortly.

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