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You should be an admin to perform this action. To manage your clinic’s attendance such as the opening time and closing time, simply go to Settings > My Clinic > Attendance. Click open MYCURE Multispecialty Clinic to open your clinic. You will have to enter your email address and password to confirm authentication.

Your clinic is now open! You can view your clinic’s recent attendance as well as the past records. 


Go to Registration > Queues and add a patient to queue by clicking the ‘✓’ button beside the patient name.

Click accommodate patient. (chief complaint, consult type, attending staff, queue name, vitals)Secretary sends patient to doctor queue.

Click the service that the patient needs.

Fill in the information needed and click add to queue when done. 

Finally, click send patient to send the patient to the doctor.


Go to the menu and click Billing > Encounters. You will see the patients’ status.

Click the three dots beside the patient’s status to edit the encounter.

Scroll down for the payment part. Click ‘Pay All’ to view different modes of payment.

Once done with the payment, click save & end encounter.

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