Walkthrough: Finding the things you need (Android)

Hello there! This is a walkthrough of MYCURE Doctor clinic management app on your Android devices.

Open app
First thing we have to do is to open the app and then enter your email address and password.

In case you have forgotten your password, you can always reset here by clicking on Forgot your password, below the login button

Forgot your password
Enter your email address so you’ll receive an email about how to reset your password

Enter email add and password
Going back, tap login, and the first thing to do is to select the current facility that you want to visit.

Select MYCURE Medical Clinic
Afterwards you’ll see your Dashboard. It’s an overview of the information you need to know like your clinic’s weekly number of patients, charts, and so on.

Hamburger Menu
The hamburger Menu on the left contains the other major features of the app.

Patients (EMR) opens the heart of the app, which is the electronic medical records system, where you can add patient records, create charts, prescriptions, lab test orders and other medical forms.

Profile lets you edit all about your professional info that will be displayed on your website.

Doctors Directory is a collection of all the existing MYCURE Doctor users where you can communicate with them through chat in our next upgrade.

Groups is a directory of all the medical societies in the country. You and your peers can join and open discussions within your group.


That ends our walkthrough. Watch other tutorials to learn about MYCURE Doctor’s major features.


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