Managing your Clinics (Web)

A new EMR might be a little bit daunting…
But don’t you worry! We are here to help this transition speedier with a series of tutorials. Let’s begin with setting up your clinics.

This is a quick tutorial on how to add or edit your facility using MYCURE Doctor web app. A facility is a clinic, hospital, center, your home, or any space you use for your profession. Let’s start!

  1. Go to EMR. You’ll see above the name of the primary clinic you have created upon signing up. Click on CHANGE CLINIC below to open the list of facilities..


  1. Click on the + button to add. Complete the details starting with the facility name, facility contact info, address, and schedule. You may also upload a photo of your facility. These details will be visible on your website once activated.


  1. Click on SAVE once completed.


  1. To choose which clinic records you want to view, simply click on SET AS ACTIVE beside the clinic name.

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