How to Create Medical Forms (Web)

This tutorial will teach you how to use medical forms using MYCURE Doctor in Google Chrome. This is the first thing you should know in order to create medical certificates, fitness certificates, health history and waivers. Let’s begin!

In the Patients (EMR), select a patient, then select “Forms” just below the patient’s name.
It will show four tabs namely: Medical Certificate, Fitness Certificate, Waiver, and Health History.

We’ll start by making a Medical Certificate!

Tap “+New Form” to begin, then pick a template of your choice. For Premium users, you can also make your own template by going to the “Custom” tab.

The template has variables for you to fill in! Simply tap on the fields on the left to edit. You can automatically see a preview on the right. Once you’re done, click “SAVE” on the top right corner to save and finalize the record.

The steps are the same as when creating Fitness Certificates, Waivers, and Health Histories.

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