How to Create a Prescription (Android)

Let’s create your first digital prescription using MYCURE Doctor in Android.

Select a patient form your list, then tap “Prescription” (the blue button, on the upper-right)
Tap “New” on the upper-right corner to begin. Can change the date by tapping on it.
Tap the “medicine” button (blue, circle on the lower-right corner) to open the medicine catalog.

There are three tabs inside the medicine catalog: Favorites, (where all your frequently used medicines go) Catalog, (where you can search the generic medicines available in the PH market) and Custom (where you can add a custom medicine that’s not included in the current catalog).

Tap the “Catalog” tab to search the meds, select the meds and complete the prescription details.
Tap on the “star” button to save it as a favorite. Tap “prescribe” when you are done. You can add more if necessary.

When your prescription is complete, tap “CREATE” to finish and save.

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