How to Create a Lab Test Order (Android)

This is a tutorial on how to create a laboratory test order for your patients using MYCURE Doctor in Android.

    Select a patient, then tap “Laboratory” (the green button, on the lower-left)

Tap “New” on the upper-right corner to begin. You can change the date of record by tapping on it.

Write the reason for the laboratory test on the space provided. Then, tap the “green, circle” button on the lower-right corner to select a type of lab test. 

Select the lab tests that you want to include in your request. If the lab test is not on the list, you can tap the “pencil” icon to make one.

You can select the lab tests to be ordered on the drop down list. Now tap the “check” button to go back to preview.

Tap the “CREATE” button on the upper left to finish and save your lab test order.

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