FAQ: User Accounts

Who can use MYCURE Doctor?

MYCURE MD is exclusive for healthcare professionals. It’s a clinic and patient relationship management app designed to digitize and simplify clinical paperwork.


Do you have an account for secretaries and nurses?

Yes, but only for Liberica plans. You can learn more about the features on our pricing page.


What does an account for secretaries and nurses do?

They can create, update, and retrieve patient records and forward them to the doctor. If they also handle payments, they may also view patient charges after each consultation. 


What is an access code?

An access code is a unique combination of alphanumeric characters which grants you full access to the EMR app. We only give this to registered physicians in the Philippines to make sure
that only doctors can have access to the app and utilize its features.


Where can I get an access code?

After signing up, our team will call you via mobile phone to confirm your identity and the validity of the PRC number you have submitted. If you did not receive any call from us within 48 hours after signing up, please contact us.


Why can’t I sign up?


There are 4 possible reasons why you are having trouble signing up:

A) You have a problem with your internet connection.
Just like Facebook, Gmail, and other websites, you can’t sign up to MYCURE without a decent internet connection. It’s what fuels these awesome online services.

B) There’s a problem with your access code.
We only give access codes to licensed doctors in the country. Either it’s already used, it’s just made up, or…

C) You’re not a doctor
Our Accounts Team checks the identity of every user who signs up on MYCURE as well as the veracity of the information he/she submits. ONLY registered doctors can use the app. A user who wishes to create his own MYCURE account but has no verifiable of proof of being a registered physician is automatically deemed ineligible for the services offered by MYCURE Doctor.

D) It’s our bad!
If none of the reasons above fits your case, it’s probably our fault. We’re very sorry about that. Please report this incident to us through email at hello@mycure.md so we can assist right away.






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