FAQ: Internet Connectivity

How fast should my internet connection be when I'm using MYCURE?

Since we encrypt and upload your records to our secure servers every time you create them,” you need at least 2 Mbps to experience good performance for the web app.


Does MYCURE work offline?

Yes it does! Even without internet connection, you can use MYCURE app on all your mobile
devices. Same is true for the web app if you are using Google Chrome. You can add and store information in the app using your local storage while no internet connection is available at the time of use. Just make sure that you have logged in first before going offline! 


We don’t have internet in my clinic. Can I still use the application?

Yes. But make sure to know a place where you can get a decent connection before going to your clinic. You need to log in and back up your records first so you can retrieve them once you’re in an area without a reliable and stable internet connection.”


Does my MYCURE account also come with an internet connection service?

No, MYCURE does not come with an internet connection. We do not have any tie ups with internet service providers yet. 


What’s an ideal Internet Service Provider (ISP) for MYCURE?

Any ISP works well with MYCURE, but you should choose the one that perfectly suits your clinic setup. If you have a private clinic, it’s best that you use DSL or Fiber connection. If you’re the on-the-go doctor, we recommend using mobile wifi internet devices. The internet connection strength entirely depends on the location of your clinic, and your practice needs. 


Is a pocket Wi-Fi enough to run MYCURE?

Yes. We recommend mobile Wi-Fi devices especially for doctors who visit multiple clinics in a day. 


How much data does the app consume when used online?

This depends on the activities you do on your app. For instance, if you’re only using your app to create and keep patient records, its overall data consumption will be very minimal. On the other hand, if you’re also fond of uploading photos or other media files on your app, its overall data consumption could be greater.








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