FAQ: Devices & Storage

Which devices can I use for the application?

Smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktop computers — basically any device that can connect to the internet. 


How many devices can I use for the application?

As many as you have! We don’t have limits to the number of devices you can use. You can definitely access the app anytime, anywhere you need to.


Do you have minimum specification requirements for the devices that we can use?

For “Yes. For Android devices, the OS should be Android 4.4 (Kitkat) or higher. For iOS, the OS should be iOS 10 or higher. You can find these information in your device’s settings.”.

For laptop or desktop computers, just upgrade to the most recent version of Google Chrome and you should be fine. Click here to download the most recent version.


Does my MYCURE account also come with a free device?

Sadly, not yet. The current plans that we have are solely for your powerful EMR account. Don’t worry, we’re confident that MYCURE is compatible with at least one of your current devices now. That’s actually more practical (and less spending) for you.


Does the mobile app use local storage when saving records?

If you are using MYCURE offline, yes. It temporarily saves your data into your device’s local storage until you have a decent internet connection.


Is MYCURE using cloud in saving records?

Yes. Like Google, MYCURE uses a secure cloud storage technology which you can access your records anytime, through any device, using the same account. 








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