Managing your Clinic’s Patient Record

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EMR > Patients

Users can Create, Read, and Update a patient profile, archive a patient and their corresponding record, view previous encounter, and Create, Read, Update, and Delete other relevant medical records. 

Records Management

Steps to Manage a Patient Record

  1. To CRU a patient profile
    •  Go to EMR > Patients.
    • Click the edit icon beside the patient’s name. 
    • This will show an option to edit the patient’s details, view the medical record summary, and archive the patient and their record will appear. 
    • Click the Edit Patient.
    • Users will be redirected to the patient’s details.
  2. To archive a patient record.
  3. Click the edit icon.
  4. Select the archive patient option.
  5. A prompt will appear to confirm the archiving of records. 
  1. To view a patient’s Medical Record Summary:
    • Click the Patient Record’s button.
    • This will open a draw tab on right side displaying the medical record summary of the selected patient which can be viewed per visit or per record.

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