How do I update my profile?

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1. Click on your name on the upper right, and then a dialog will appear. Select MY ACCOUNT. It will open a new Google Chrome tab.

2. Upload your profile photo by clicking on the photo icon.

Click on the icon to upload a new photo
Select your photo from your computer or smartphone. You can make necessary cropping and adjustments.

3. Below the profile photo, update your name such as adding your Middle Name, Name Suffix, Academic and Professional Suffixes. This will reflect in your prescription and other printable records. Click UPDATE NAME to save changes.

These information will reflect in your Rx and other printable forms.

4. Update other personal info and upload your e-signature.

With your e-signature uploaded, you don’t have to sign your prescriptions and other forms over and over again.

5. Update your professional info, profession, and specialty.

Your PRC License Number and PTR Number will reflect in your Rx and other printable forms.
These details will reflect in your Rx and other printable forms.

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Last Updated On July 25, 2019

2 Replies to “How do I update my profile?”

    1. Hi Dr. Loren!
      Thank you for your feedback. We have already fixed the issue of deleting Professional Suffix from the Rx header in the new update.
      Please try it now 🙂

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