How do I clear the site data in Google Chrome?

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If you notice that your MYCURE suddenly slows down, is unable to load patients in queue, does not show your patients records that you’re sure are existing, or is basically not acting like it usually does, then this is likely caused by a caching issue from Google Chrome.

When you aggressively use the app for hours throughout the day, you create hundreds of thousands of requests from the app. Now, Google Chrome needs to unload some of the data it temporarily stores when that happens — that’s when you Clear Site Data. Here’s how to do it:

1. Open Google Chrome.

2. At the top right, look at MoreMore.

3. Select More Tools > Developer Tools. You should see something like this:

4. Go to Application > Clear storage.

5. Scroll down a bit, and then select Clear Site Data.

6. Close the window by clicking on X on the top right part.

7. Wait for the page to refresh.

The page will automatically refresh once this is done. If not, please do it manually. It will clear all of the cookies, and files that were temporarily saved in Google Chrome. Don’t worry, this will not delete the patients’ data that were already saved in the cloud.

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