Fulfilling your Clinic’s PME Worklist

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In this feature, patients’ records can be viewed and classified  by the users according to their status. In the PME Worklist users can filter the view per date range and status, as well as use the Search Bar to search for the name of a specific patient.

Steps in Managing PME Worklist

  1. To classify a PME report:
    • Simply click on the name of the patient
    • User will automatically be redirected to the patient’s PME worklist. 
  1. To fulfill the report: 
    • Choose a template
    • Fill out the necessary details
    • Select the examining physician
    • Select the name of the clinic staff who fulfilled the report.
    • Classify the report as “For Checking” or “Finalized”.
  2. To print a finalized report:
    • Click the Print button.
    • A print preview window for confirmation will appear.
IMPORTANT NOTE: Authenticate the action asking for the user’s password. This is to ensure that the patient’s records are not updated by anyone who does not have the privilege to do so.

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