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Handling imaging reports can be tiresome especially when there is only a limited way to view them. All reports are collated into one file, one page, despite of its specific imaging sections. But, worry not! MYCURE has found a way to organize your Imaging worklists and limit access only to your imaging staff.

To enable Imaging sections follow these steps:

  • Click your account icon on the upper right corner.
  • A drop down will appear. Click Settings.
  • Once inside the Settings, select Imaging > Sections. In there, tick the check box that says “Enforce Standard Sections”.
  • Once ticked, click the Create (+) button on the upper right corner. A prompt will appear where you can enter the details of your Imaging Section.
  • Input your clinic’s code for the imaging section and assign members who can access it. Once done, click save.

To check if the sectioning worked, you can go to your clinic’s Imaging Worklist and you should see these filters.

Voila! Imaging sections to organize your clinics with just a couple of clicks!

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