Creating your account through Google Chrome

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1. Open your Google Chrome browser using your laptop, PC, or tablet. If you don’t have Google Chrome installed in your device yet, you can download it free from their website. Click here to download now.

2. Go to the MYCURE website at

3. On the upper right, click on SIGN UP

4. Follow the instructions on the sign up page


We’re a bit strict with our signup process as we are only allowing registered doctors and clinics onboard. We value your privacy, so all the information that you’ll be providing here will remain confidential. Completely fill out the details with the correct information to speed up your registration.

Once signup is successful, please expect a 2 to 5 minute call from us on your mobile number to verify your account details. When your account is verified, your account will be activated.

And then when your account is activated, your journey begins. Good luck!





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