How to Update your Profile (Web)

Did you know that your account also comes with a professional website which you can activate whenever you want?

A professional website represents your identity on the web. It will be visible to both MYCURE Doctors and Patients, so make sure it gets updated every now and then. Updating your profile also updates the contents of your website. Let’s start!

1. From the Dashboard, click on Edit Website or go to the Profile (EMR) tab.

2. Your profile is divided into 3 main sections. You may edit the details under each of them. Be sure to upload your profile photo. Uploading your photo automatically activates your website.

3. For each of the sections, click the Update button below it when you are already satisfied with its contents.

4. Click on Website preview if you want to view your website.

Creating your Patient Records (Web)

Now that you have started converting your existing paper records into digital medical records from the tutorial we sent previously, let’s now go to your new patient records.

This tutorial will teach you how to add and edit patient records using MYCURE. This is the first thing you should know in to get started with your web EMR. Adding, storing and retrieving your patient records in a more efficient way is the key to a more productive, patient-centered clinic. Let’s begin!

1. In the Menu, select EMR and then click on the “+ Add patient” button to open the form.

2. Enter patient profile details such as name, address, contact info, and even a profile photo! When you are satisfied with the information entered, click “Save”.
To edit, click on the thumbnail of the patient you wish to edit.

3. Here you can edit all the information related to the patient like name, address, contact info, allergies, profile picture, PMHx, FMx, Social History & Review of Systems.

Walkthrough: Finding the things you need (Web)

This is a walkthrough of your MYCURE Doctor clinic management app using Google Chrome on your laptop or desktop computer.

First thing we have to do is to login from and then enter your email address and password.


In case you have forgotten your password, you can always reset here by clicking on Forgot your password, below the login button. Enter your email address so you’ll receive an email about how to reset your password.


Going back, tap login, and the first thing you’ll see is your Dashboard. It’s an overview of the information you need to know like your clinic’s weekly number of patients, charts, and so on.


Click on the hamburger menu on the top left to show the side menu.

EMR opens the heart of the app — the electronic medical records system, where you can add patient records, create charts, prescriptions, lab test orders and other medical forms.


Below EMR is the Scheduler where you can place your patient’s next appointments with you inside a virtual calendar. You can now keep track of who you’re expecting to visit daily, weekly, or monthly.

That ends our walkthrough. Watch other tutorials to learn about MYCURE Doctor’s major features.

Subscribing via Stripe (Web)

MYCURE has 2 premium subscription editions: ROBUSTA and LIBERICA. You can learn more about MYCURE’s Pricing here.

Meanwhile, here’s a quick guide on how you can subscribe via mobile:

  1. Login to MYCURE.
  2. In your dashboard, tap on the MANAGE button below “You are now using MYCURE Arabica” to reveal the subscription options.
  3. Go to subscription then click UPGRADE NOW.
  4. Select your preferred subscription edition type, then complete the details.
  5. Your subscription is successful once your account edition logo has changed.

Got questions? We’re always here to help. Reach us via email, call or text and we’ll get to you shortly.

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