FAQ: Printing

What if I want to have my records printed?

Fortunately, MYCURE can already do it for you! You can print the records directly from your web browser or mobile device. 


How can I print using my mobile device?

For mobile devices in general, you can use any Wi-Fi or Wi-Fi Direct printer. Sometimes the printer provider (e.g. Epson, HP, Canon, etc.) requires you to download their app for it to work on your mobile devices.

For iOS devices, you can print records using AirPrint. An AirPrint printer or any Wi-Fi-ready printer can support this feature.

For Android devices, you can print records using CloudPrint. Any type of printer can support this.


Can I export my records in PDF format?

Yes, you can.


Can I print records using a regular printer?

Of course! If you don’t have an AirPrint Printer or one that’s Wi-Fi-ready, use the web version of MYCURE on your PC. You can already print the file directly using any printer connected to it. Make sure that the printer is turned on!


Can I print the prescriptions that I create on the app?

Yes! We have tutorials for Android or iOS


What is the paper size of the prescription when printed?


The paper size may vary depending on the printer that you have or the size of the paper that you prefer. 







FAQ: Data Migration

Can I transfer all my patient records from my previous electronic medical records (EMR) system to MYCURE?

It’s possible. We have a template file in Excel format that contains all the possible information that we can transfer from your previous EMR. We are limiting the transferred items to this list only to prevent customization requests, unless stated otherwise.


Is there a way to encode all my patient records in hard copies?
Yes, there is. You can manually transfer data from your traditional patient records in print to your app. Sure this is a tedious process, but once it’s done, you’re all set!


Can I have a backup copy of all my records in case I need it?

This is upon request. Please reach the team via email at hello@mycure.md to get the steps on how to do this.









FAQ: Website Features

How do I get a professional website?

Your MYCURE account comes with a professional website where you can display your professional info, clinic information, clinic hours, clinic services, and of course your awesome profile photo. It looks like this: www.mycure.md/jeanriveramd

Your website will be displayed online and can be shared on Facebook and other social media sites. Your website is also a means of scheduling appointments with your patients.


What if I don't want a website?

It’s cool. You can deactivate it on your profile settings.


How do I update my website?

We have a tutorial for this for both mobile and web users. Learn more here.








FAQ: EMR Features

Does it enable one account to be connected with multiple clinics?
If so, how many clinics can be added per account?

Yes, it does. The number of clinics you can add to your account depends on the type of subscription plan you choose.”


Does the app have specific features per specialization?

Yes, it does. We currently have features for OB-GYN, Pediatrics, ENT, Dermatology, and Family Medicine. 


Does this app have a counterpart that caters to patients?

Yes! Its soft release is scheduled this December 2017. We’re already doing our final round of testing and polishing for your utmost satisfaction.











FAQ: User Accounts

Who can use MYCURE Doctor?

MYCURE MD is exclusive for healthcare professionals. It’s a clinic and patient relationship management app designed to digitize and simplify clinical paperwork.


Do you have an account for secretaries and nurses?

Yes, but only for Liberica plans. You can learn more about the features on our pricing page.


What does an account for secretaries and nurses do?

They can create, update, and retrieve patient records and forward them to the doctor. If they also handle payments, they may also view patient charges after each consultation. 


What is an access code?

An access code is a unique combination of alphanumeric characters which grants you full access to the EMR app. We only give this to registered physicians in the Philippines to make sure
that only doctors can have access to the app and utilize its features.


Where can I get an access code?

After signing up, our team will call you via mobile phone to confirm your identity and the validity of the PRC number you have submitted. If you did not receive any call from us within 48 hours after signing up, please contact us.


Why can’t I sign up?


There are 4 possible reasons why you are having trouble signing up:

A) You have a problem with your internet connection.
Just like Facebook, Gmail, and other websites, you can’t sign up to MYCURE without a decent internet connection. It’s what fuels these awesome online services.

B) There’s a problem with your access code.
We only give access codes to licensed doctors in the country. Either it’s already used, it’s just made up, or…

C) You’re not a doctor
Our Accounts Team checks the identity of every user who signs up on MYCURE as well as the veracity of the information he/she submits. ONLY registered doctors can use the app. A user who wishes to create his own MYCURE account but has no verifiable of proof of being a registered physician is automatically deemed ineligible for the services offered by MYCURE Doctor.

D) It’s our bad!
If none of the reasons above fits your case, it’s probably our fault. We’re very sorry about that. Please report this incident to us through email at hello@mycure.md so we can assist right away.






FAQ: Accessibility & Security

Who else can see my patient records?

Only you and those who know your account details. 


Can I transfer my patient records to other doctors' accounts?

Yes, once you and your patient have endorsed this action. This feature will be available once the Patients App is released.


How secure is MYCURE?

We use advanced encryption protocols to keep your patient records unreadable to anyone, except you. To put it simply, you hold the master key to your medical cabinet. Our security system is designed in such a way that no personal information about the patient or the doctor can be disclosed together with the medical records associated with them. Our security system is designed such that no personal information of the patient nor the doctor shall be disclosed together with the medical records associated with them. We aren’t promising a 100% hack-proof system (since no such system exists yet!), but we follow international standards that highly value confidentiality, integrity, and availability.









FAQ: Devices & Storage

Which devices can I use for the application?

Smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktop computers — basically any device that can connect to the internet. 


How many devices can I use for the application?

As many as you have! We don’t have limits to the number of devices you can use. You can definitely access the app anytime, anywhere you need to.


Do you have minimum specification requirements for the devices that we can use?

For “Yes. For Android devices, the OS should be Android 4.4 (Kitkat) or higher. For iOS, the OS should be iOS 10 or higher. You can find these information in your device’s settings.”.

For laptop or desktop computers, just upgrade to the most recent version of Google Chrome and you should be fine. Click here to download the most recent version.


Does my MYCURE account also come with a free device?

Sadly, not yet. The current plans that we have are solely for your powerful EMR account. Don’t worry, we’re confident that MYCURE is compatible with at least one of your current devices now. That’s actually more practical (and less spending) for you.


Does the mobile app use local storage when saving records?

If you are using MYCURE offline, yes. It temporarily saves your data into your device’s local storage until you have a decent internet connection.


Is MYCURE using cloud in saving records?

Yes. Like Google, MYCURE uses a secure cloud storage technology which you can access your records anytime, through any device, using the same account. 








FAQ: Internet Connectivity

How fast should my internet connection be when I'm using MYCURE?

Since we encrypt and upload your records to our secure servers every time you create them,” you need at least 2 Mbps to experience good performance for the web app.


Does MYCURE work offline?

Yes it does! Even without internet connection, you can use MYCURE app on all your mobile
devices. Same is true for the web app if you are using Google Chrome. You can add and store information in the app using your local storage while no internet connection is available at the time of use. Just make sure that you have logged in first before going offline! 


We don’t have internet in my clinic. Can I still use the application?

Yes. But make sure to know a place where you can get a decent connection before going to your clinic. You need to log in and back up your records first so you can retrieve them once you’re in an area without a reliable and stable internet connection.”


Does my MYCURE account also come with an internet connection service?

No, MYCURE does not come with an internet connection. We do not have any tie ups with internet service providers yet. 


What’s an ideal Internet Service Provider (ISP) for MYCURE?

Any ISP works well with MYCURE, but you should choose the one that perfectly suits your clinic setup. If you have a private clinic, it’s best that you use DSL or Fiber connection. If you’re the on-the-go doctor, we recommend using mobile wifi internet devices. The internet connection strength entirely depends on the location of your clinic, and your practice needs. 


Is a pocket Wi-Fi enough to run MYCURE?

Yes. We recommend mobile Wi-Fi devices especially for doctors who visit multiple clinics in a day. 


How much data does the app consume when used online?

This depends on the activities you do on your app. For instance, if you’re only using your app to create and keep patient records, its overall data consumption will be very minimal. On the other hand, if you’re also fond of uploading photos or other media files on your app, its overall data consumption could be greater.