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A health facility is a one-stop, multi-staff, specialized clinic that performs various out-patient services like doctor consultations, diagnostic tests, physical medical exams, and medicine purchases.

Choose your role below:

Clinic Administrator

A.K.A. Clinic Manager, IT Manager, Clinic Owner

The clinic administrator is in charge of the management of all the data being processed in the MYCURE system. S/he is knowledgeable of all the operations  and process flows within the clinic.

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Front Desk Staff

A.K.A. Receptionist, Secretary, Information Staff, Customer Service Representative (CSR)

The front desk staff is usually the first person that the patient encounters upon entering the clinic. S/he guides the patients what to do, where to go and who to find based on their needs.

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The nurse is a healthcare provider (HCP) that completes the nursing process and collaborates with doctors in providing proper care and treatment plans to patients. In some cases, nurses also act as front desk staff to simplify the process flow for patients.

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The doctor is the most vital person in the clinic when it comes to documenting medical records of patients. The doctor is a primary healthcare provider (HCP) who performs consultations and procedures inside the clinic.

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When it comes to patients’ payments, the cashier is the right person to call. S/he collects payments (i.e. in cash, card, cheques — you name it) from patients who avail of services within the clinic.

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Billing Staff

A.K.A. Billing and Collection, HMO Billing Staff

The people who process all the payables, receivables, and collectibles fall under the category billing staff. They are in charge of aggregating all financial transactions from patients into organized reports.

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Laboratory Staff

A.K.A. Med tech, Lab tech, Lab QC, Pathologist

Laboratory staff members come in the form of med techs, lab techs, lab quality control (QC) analysts, or pathologists. Depending on their specific roles, these members are capable of performing laboratory tests and generating laboratory reports for doctors and patients to help further diagnose medical conditions.

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Imaging Staff

A.K.A. Rad tech, Imaging tech, Sonologist, Radiologist, Cardiologist

Imaging staff members are composed of imaging tech and doctors. Depending on their specific roles, these members are capable of performing imaging tests and generating imaging reports for doctors and patients to help further diagnose medical conditions.

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PME Staff


A.K.A. APE/PEME/ECU/FME/Records staff

Physical Medical Exam (PME) staff members collect and summarize reports for both walk-in and group PME services. They make sure that PME results are completely delivered to the requesting clients and patients.

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Inventory Staff


A.K.A. Procurement staff, Warehouse staff

The Inventory staff member manages medical & clinic supplies, medicines, and other stocks that the clinic needs. From the supplier down to the consumer (patients), the inventory staff ensures that the downstream flow of stocks are easily managed to prevent shortage, spoilage, and pilferage.

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