Billing and Ending Encounters (Web)

Now you’re done creating your consultation notes and care plan, it’s time to end your encounter with your patient and lead her back to your secretary.

    1. You have 2 options: Pressing END ENCOUNTER directs you to the billing page while pressing HOLD ENCOUNTER postpones your current encounter with your patient and then directs you back to the patients list, in case you need to see another patient’s records for emergency. Let’s proceed to END ENCOUNTER.


    1. In patient billing, you can change the date of record, add patient’s HMO if any and add the services performed and their corresponding amount.


  1. Tap on BILL ENCOUNTERS when you’re done.

    To check if it’s recorded in your clinic’s billing reports, tap on the selected clinic name to show the details. Go to MY BILLING REPORTS to confirm the payment.

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