How to Print Records (Web)

Before anything else, we have FAQs about printing. Click here to view. Now let’s get ready to print your digital records!

Step 1: Choosing your printer

If you are using MYCURE through Google Chrome (via tablet, laptop or desktop computer), this is the easiest way to set up since any type of printer will do. Directly connect and install the printer through a USB port, make sure to follow the installation instructions that the printer has provided you, and you should be fine.

Here are some useful links to popular providers in case you need help with the printer setup:

EPSON Support Page
HP Support Page
Brother Support Page
CANON Support Page

Step 2: Select the record you want to print

Now that your printer is ready, select the record that you want to print. Select the patient and then select Charting, Prescription, Laboratory, or Forms. You can also print Vaccination Records. For this tutorial, let’s go to Prescription.

Create a Prescription record first or select among the previously created prescription. Click on PRINT on the upper right corner of the page to open the print preview.

If you want to customize your header, you can change it by clicking on going to the Menu > Settings > Prescription > Customize header.

When you’re done, click PRINT on the upper right to open the Google Chrome printer settings.


Step 3: Setting up printing preferences

Let’s go over everything in here to make sure that you know what to adjust accordingly:

Destination This is where you will select your printer
Pages Select the pages that you’d like to print. Choose ALL to print everything.
Copies The number of copies that you want to print.
Layout Select if Portrait or Landscape orientation
Paper size Choose your preferred paper size. Note: A5 paper size is almost the same size as a typical prescription pad or a half-cut short bond paper
Margins Adjusts the width of the margins.
Scale You can adjust this from 80-100 depending on how large you want the font to be.This is useful whenever you prescribe plenty of medicines, but want to minimize the number of pages you want to use.

Step 4: Know the ideal prescription print settings

This step is ideal if you’re going to pre-cut your short bond papers in half (8.5” x 5.5”), or if you want to use the back part of your existing prescription pads. Let’s go over the process again to make sure we get them all correct.

1. Select the patient, then select the prescription record.

2. Click on PRINT to open the Print Preview.

3. Select PORTRAIT as its orientation, then click PRINT.

4. Adjust the printer preferences:

Layout Portrait
Paper size A5
Margins None
Scale 90

5. Once done, fill your printer with pre-cut sheets of short bond paper then click on PRINT.

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