Guide to the Secretary account

Hello there! Glad to see you here. This is a quick guide on how to perform the different functions of the secretary account in MYCURE.


PART I: Let’s create your secretary account

Before anything else, add your secretary into your EMR system by simply sending us an email with the details shown below.

Sample email:

from: (Note: The one you use in MYCURE)
Subject: Request to add secretary accounts
Body: Hello MYCURE Team! Kindly add my 2 (Note: No. of secretaries) secretary/ies to my EMR account:

Clinic name:        MYCURE Clinic
Secretary name:   Georgina Cruz
Secretary email:

Clinic name:        Dr. Jean Rivera Medical Center
Secretary name:   Juan Miguel
Secretary email:

Thank you!

Jean Rivera, MD (Note: Your full name)

Then, MYCURE Team will reply to you shortly saying that we have already sent an invitation to your secretaries via email. Instruct your secretaries to check their email inbox and then follow the instructions on the email received to create their own accounts.


PART II: Learn how the secretary account works!

  1. Logging in
    Go to and then enter secretary’s email and password. In case you have forgotten your password, you can reset it by clicking FORGOT PASSWORD.
  2. Adding a new patient record
    Inside EMR, select "+ New Patient" to open the new patient form. Enter patient profile details such as name, address, contact info, and even a profile photo so you can remember their faces when they return. When you are satisfied with the information entered, click CREATE on the upper right side of the form.
  3. Editing a new patient record
    Search for the patient record you wish to edit, and then click on the name to open its profile. Select PROFILE to open the patient’s complete profile. Here you can edit all the information related to the patient such as name, address, contact info, allergies, and profile picture. Click UPDATE once done.
  4. Creating a queue for doctor
    Find the patient that you will add to the queue using the search bar. Click on    then select the doctor who will handle the patient. You can also provide additional details such as the patient’s Chief Complaint and Vitals if necessary. When done, click SAVE on the upper right corner of the page. You can view the list of patients currently in queue by going to the PENDING tab.
  5. Patient billing
    Select BILLING tab to view the list of all transactions made inside the clinic.
  6.  Placing a Schedule
    Select the Hamburger Menu ( Hamburger Menu ) on the upper left and then click on Scheduler. You can select among different views ( Scheduler views). In the monthly view, click on the specific date you wish to add an appointment for. Select the time slot to open the appointment form. Complete the details and then click Save when you’re done.
  7. Reporting a problem
    In case you are experiencing any problems with the app and you need immediate assistance, simply click on the chat support icon on the bottom right (  chat or chat 2 ) to talk to our friendly Support Team. They’re always ready to help!

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