Managing your Clinics (Android)

Hello there! In this tutorial, you will learn how to add and edit your facilities in MYCURE Doctor using your Android device. A facility is a clinic, hospital, center, your home, or any space you use for your profession. In the Patients (EMR),

Patients (EMR), Medical Records
Tap “Medical Records” (the big red, circle button on the center)
In the header, tap the “CHANGE FACILITY” to change, or create a new facility.

Change facility
Tap the toggle button beside your preferred facility to activate the virtual facility records that you want to see. To add a new facility,  tap the “+” button on the top right.

Add Facility
You can add your clinic’s logo, name, contact information, location on the map, and clinic schedules. When you’re done, press the check button on the top right.

Edit Facility
To edit an existing facility, tap on the facility to reveal other information. Tap the “options” button on the upper-right hand corner to edit info.

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