FAQ: Printing

What if I want to have my records printed?

Fortunately, MYCURE can already do it for you! You can print the records directly from your web browser or mobile device. 


How can I print using my mobile device?

For mobile devices in general, you can use any Wi-Fi or Wi-Fi Direct printer. Sometimes the printer provider (e.g. Epson, HP, Canon, etc.) requires you to download their app for it to work on your mobile devices.

For iOS devices, you can print records using AirPrint. An AirPrint printer or any Wi-Fi-ready printer can support this feature.

For Android devices, you can print records using CloudPrint. Any type of printer can support this.


Can I export my records in PDF format?

Yes, you can.


Can I print records using a regular printer?

Of course! If you don’t have an AirPrint Printer or one that’s Wi-Fi-ready, use the web version of MYCURE on your PC. You can already print the file directly using any printer connected to it. Make sure that the printer is turned on!


Can I print the prescriptions that I create on the app?

Yes! We have tutorials for Android or iOS


What is the paper size of the prescription when printed?


The paper size may vary depending on the printer that you have or the size of the paper that you prefer. 







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  1. good day mycure teamm. i’m dr jayme segarra, a newly graduate hematologist who will practive in my hometown in Naga City Camarines Sur. I’m contemplating on starting an EMR for my patients. For now, I will only hold 1 clinic but paln to apply in 4 hospitals. With these in mind, what can you recommend as a starting plan. also, can i customize what’s in the EMR as to what my specialty will need. what are the requirements for the EMR. thanks

    • Hello Dr. Jayme! Thanks for dropping by our FAQ list and letting us know about your interest. We’ll send you an email soon to provide you with the best plan for your current setup. Have a nice day!


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